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How To Apply For Research Grants :

Our endeavor is to perceive and encourage research in all possible ways for the enrichment of the society. We WRC involve in several programs that provide grants to the researchers worldwide. Generally, research grants are awarded to the individual researchers or research groups. Funding opportunities are made available to the online portal. Funding can be used only for the expenses that are directly related to the projects. Finally, the Research Grant confirmation is made only by the committee members who are responsible for the funding activities and sanction.

Where And How To Apply :

Members are eligible to apply for Research Grants only after earning 500 points in the activity portal.

  • 1. Members need to apply for Research Grants with their login in the activity portal.
  • 2. By default, each member will be awarded by 25 points as a bonus.
  • 3. Each activity such as article, video upload, conducting conference, etc., are point based. For each activity point is added against your profile.
  • 4. The Research Grant option will be enabled only after the member earns 500 points.
  • 5. Members can earn extra points by conducting awareness programmes by researchers with WRC badge.

Members should apply for research grants with their login.

Note : Applied Research Grants by members can be cancelled by our team anytime.