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The World Research Congress is an online autonomous council formed to inspire and empower the research and its scholars who have always been a working on the betterment of the society with the right use of technology. The WRC will always help researchers to foothold strong in their research skills. The WRC’s highly valued assets are our beloved adroit researchers, technologies and masterly skills. The congress also steers the researchers in various way to produce better outcomes from their investigation.

The World Research Congress brings together innovative ideas in various streams, experiments, thesis, journals, case studies, periodicals, etc ., in diversified fields all over the world. We urge in bringing many distinguished researchers, academics and professionals all over the country under one roof.

The WRC is growing and vibrant council which always follows outstanding high caliber standards in its approach. It ensures to upkeep the researcher’s property in high concealment.


The World Research Congress vital vision is to help researchers get recognized for their quality research works paves way for innovations utilizing right technology that aid high value and enrichment to our community.
Furthermore, WRC collaborate researches, scholarly journals and periodicals all across India under one roof, for ease in physical and virtual accessibility to our stakeholders.
Keep an eye on research; standard of living along with technologies will move to next level invariably.