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WRC Election Eligibility :

We WRC are the self governing committee of highly educated and dedicated scholars across the world. We strive to guide people who are keen and dedicated in the research world. The committee members will always paves right way for the scholars of our WRC. The committee members selected through the election process.

Election Eligibility :

  • Must be a member of the WRC.
  • Must have shown immense presence in the congress by publishing research papers, articles, conducting campaigns
  • Must be a nationality of specific country which they are nominated
  • Must have recognized by their research work across the globe.
  • Must have minimum 3 years of involvement in the council.
  • WRC has full rights to revoke approved Research grants for the project at any time.
  • For Global positions individual must have been a member of the board and should have been already elected for any of the leadership positions in the committee at least once.

Operational Members :

  • Global Chair Person
  • Global Vice Chair Person
  • Global Advisory Research Person
  • Director of Committee
  • Director of Finance
  • Operational Head
  • Research and Knowledge Exchange Lead
  • Young Researcher's Lead
  • Global Communication Lead