WRC Research Grant

Research Grants:

Research Grants are devised to help individuals or insititution or other groups who are looking for research funds. The research grants are sometimes limited to geographical region based on the projects. WRC research grants are awarded to individual researchers or research group.

Guidelines For Research Grants :

  • Grants should only be used for project purpose.
  • Equipment can be purchased using grants only if it is needed for the research undergoing.
  • Can be used for travel within limited boundaries in connection with project.
  • Sometimes funds can be used to attend seminars, conferences and meeting relevant to the project topic of the research.
  • Subscription of journals or newsletter on regular basis cannot be done with the research grant approved.
  • WRC has full rights to revoke approved Research grants for the project at any time.
  • Individual or the research group should submit the complete report about how the funds were used for the project along with the proofs.

Major Research Grants Area In General :

  • High level research projects in biology,chemistry,mathematics,physics by individual or by organization.
  • Research based on covid like pandemic break out
  • Research project in earth science, engineering science, material science.
  • Research project on nano technology, renewable energy
  • Research project on Climate change, Nature disasters
  • Research project on agriculture and agricultural sciences
  • Research project on computing technologies
  • Research projects that contribute improvement of education.
  • Research projects on people's well being.
  • Research projects on economic development of the society.
  • Research projects on importance of education for every girl.
  • Research projects that contribute and implement child's health.

Notes: Research Grants are not limited to above subjects alone; any type of responsible research work are eligible to apply for the grant.