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WRC Membership Benefits :

WRC offers an exclusive array of benefits to its members. The WRC provides members with the greatest opportunity to connect with the colleagues from various streams and also helps in the self and professional development. Some of these benefits are

  • 1. We bestow internationally accepted membership certification issued via email.
  • 2. A hard copy of the certification will be shared at member's request.
  • 3. Publish Work : Members are authorized to publish their articles and journals and get recognized world wide.
  • 4. Usage of Logo: Members are given a unique opportunity to conduct conference, workshops with the badge of the WRC.
  • 5. Incorporation with WRC : Part of WRC has established its presence worldwide. Members will be the envoy of the Research Council, which emphasis their profile.
  • 6. Networking with peers :Members can network with other researchers worldwide.
  • 7. Knowledge Sharing: Members can strengthen and acquaint their research skills and knowledge-sharing which will be a value added in their career.
  • 8. Professional development :Members are mentored and accompanied by the distinguished researchers from the board.
  • 9. Research Grants : Members are eligible to apply for research grants from WRC.
  • 10. Member's profile detail will be published on our official website.
  • 11. Taking Initiatives:-Participate in local and global initiatives done by WRC.
  • 12. Leadership opportunities : Member have higher rate of chances to become a leaders in the board.
  • 13. Unlimited access : Members can access WRC webpage via membership login; access includes on-line databases such as member details, publications, journals etc.,

Operational Members :

  • 1. Build their research network with fellow researchers.
  • 2. Will find out how to kick start their career as a researcher and showcase their skills.
  • 3. Opportunity to learn and build research skills from the veterans researchers.
  • 4. Stay connected to the community and up to date on the latest trends in research.
  • 5. Discounted fee for membership.
  • 6. Student members are also eligible for applying research grants on their research work.
  • 7. An opportunity to get involved in WRC activities internationally.