Membership Fees

Membership Fees :

The memberships are provided to the scholars, researchers , educationists, journalists etc., to affiliated with WRC.Membership will assist you to collaborate and communicate with global network of exclusive research society.WRC as team crave and make efforts for the quality research that helps well being of society .

  • 1. WRC membership fee for researchers, scholars, educationists, journalists etc., is 100 $
  • 2. WRC membership fee for students those who are undergoing their graduation (UG/PG) is 50$
  • 3. Membership is valid for lifetime.
  • 4. Counterfeit information found during membership registration will be aborted for life span
  • 5. Data collected during the registration for membership will be scrutinized by our admin for further processing.
  • 6. Documents proof along with the affidavit is mandatory for membership registration.