Research Committee

Research Committee- Board Of Director Functions :

The WRC research committee embodies high qualified and talented minds who always work on the betterment of the research and development in various areas. Generally committee monitors quality of research work.

Duties :

  • 1. Responsible for enhancing the quality of research taken by the members.
  • 2. Define and endorse the mission and vision of the association.
  • 3. Work collaboratively with the members for better outcomes.
  • 4. Must pledge to develop and implement the Strategic Plan for members to direct in the right path.
  • 5. Inspect and provide guidance to the members.
  • 6. Monitor and strengthen programs and services to make members active in the council.
  • 7. To identify the funding opportunities for the research and help the members to plan ahead for it.
  • 8. Responsible for approval of Research Grants for members.
  • 9. Motivating the members to do as many quality researches as possible.
  • 10. Review and discuss about the emerging scientific trends and activities.
  • 11. Effective defining and execution of policy of the council is done by board of directors.
  • 12. The main responsibility is to secure adequate financial resources for the council.
  • 13. Ensure everyone one in the council follows legal standards and ethical norms as designed.
  • 14. The board has to design the structure of the council based on the policies,objectives,etc.,
  • 15. Should help the members to handle government regulation and public relations.